Delta Faucet Office Addition

The Delta Faucet Headquarters project constructed a three-story, 80,000 SQ FT addition, which provides an open and collaborate working environment. The addition features office space, collaboration areas, conference rooms, training rooms, areas for testing and research/development of projects, and a cafe and kitchen.

AEC-ME was responsible for providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, fire alarm, access control, security and telecommunications engineering. The research and development laboratory in the basement provides large water cisterns to allow the research team to recycle hot and cold water separately. The lighting systems included LED and advanced controls for occupancy detection and modulation of the illumination levels to increase energy efficiency.The heating, cooling, and ventilation system for the building emphasizes sustainability, user comfort, and zoned control all with a low first cost.

To accelerate the finished project, the design and construction was split into a site/structural phase and a building phase, allowing contractors to mobilize and begin construction before the finishing touches were designed.